OBSCR Cup '2nd Edition' 2017


As OBSCR Cup rolls out on its second edition last night, the league is back with the teams more composed from their off-season training, renewed chemistry and infinite passion for the beautiful game. OBSCR Cup is a football social league dedicated to the people from the creative industry of fashion, music, art, design, illustration and beyond.  

OBSCR Cup got their second edition underway on a wet and humid Sunday night in Bangsar. About 10 months ago, we had the first edition and leading up to the new league, we’ve got all the teams stoked about it in all honesty. The game played host to OBSCR, Pestle & Mortar, Masses, and Nerdunit, who’s making their debut appearance. Unlike the common rules in 5-aside, this game takes on the intense 10 minutes full-time format with no breaks, and no halfs. It’s all out or nothing, and the winner takes it all.

Despite being the reigning champions of the first edition, OBSCR failed to regain their title losing to Nerdunit through an own goal and error from the defence. Pestle & Mortar proved their worth, giving a good fight with a more solid performance and better chemistry within the team. Masses under the influence of their supreme leader, Bryan Botak controlled each game with high spirits despite his team getting lost, on the way to the venue. Final verdict, the Cup goes to the new boys of the league, Nerdunit, champions of the second edition of OBSCR Cup.

All in all, only good vibes on and off-pitch. It’s a great scene to see people from the creative industry coming together. We live the lifestyle of our identity and cultivate the culture through a creative movement in the beautiful game. Till the 3rd edition of OBSCR Cup, we’ll make it bigger and better. Peace and love!