OBSCR Space Volume 1: Art Gallery

Back in December 2015, we started a music platform under the moniker 'OBSCR Space' to host intimate live music sessions with an only-invite audience in private venues.

There was a pop-up store for our First collection entitled 'Motion' and also a sneak preview to our Second collection. 

OBSCR Space is to bring the community to different and uncertain spaces, creating a new environment and atmosphere for a creative movement in the industry through music.

Our vision is to highlight upcoming local and underground artist in the music industry in their respective genre.

We also ran a live streaming for the performances via video streaming application and the videos has been uploaded on our YouTube channel. The first volume took place in an art gallery 'Minut Init' and with Paco, KenFung, and Yenn Lim as the special line up for this volume.

Big thanks to Heineken for sponsoring this event. Looking forward to the next volume. Hope to see more people in the next instalment. Peace & Love!