To create unforgettable memories, it requires special people with passion and desire. Five months in planning, and we finally took the early flight out to Tokyo last weekend for our first pop up. SHUKYU Shop is a curation of creative brands from Japan (City Boys F.C.), South Korea (Nivelcrack) and Malaysia (OBSCR) in showcasing the different culture of football through art, music and fashion. This is the first to many other series of pop up. Thank you all who came through to support and to understand our vision. Peace & love!
A2 silkscreen fabric print poster artwork by Keisuke Yamada of City Boys F.C.
Photography of Malaysia Football Culture in stadium by 1972FC.
Takashi Ogami of SHUKYU MAGAZINE.

Apro and Shinjae (Founder of Nivelcrack)

Credit: Front cover photo by