The Dark Side of The Club-- "TECHNO"

From The Development of Adolescent, We've Been Exposed To What Is Known To Be The Dark Side Of The Club-- "TECHNO".

The first time i listened to Techno, it took me on a roller coaster ride back and forth with it's constant pounding sounds and instantly a sense of euphoric sensation kicked into my soul. The track was by an artist called Head High entitled 'RAVE'. It reminded me of a scenario of crowds gathering in an illegal warehouse set in 1992. The curiosity of how i reimagined a rave scene grew and i wanted to learn more of its usage of heavy and gritty visuals.

The creative intention in me consumed most of my time in exploring different tracks, watching documentaries and pinning techno graphics on Pinterest. That's when we realised it should be a key story to our latest collection because it's something that's ingrained in our interest and relevant to the brands identity. For the rest of the process, it was going through hundreds of visuals in my TECHNO folder on Pinterest while listening to 'Techno Bunker' playlist on Spotify.

There's no discrimination to what you enjoy or not, music is for everyone. What we did with the collection is to translate our ideas of what Techno music meant to us in the form of garments. It's a way we tell our stories and hopefully it resonates with people of the same interest. The genre will only continue to develop new sounds that would keep us all on the edge of our seats.