Thirsty for goals, Thirsty for miles!

Be it 100m sprints or long distance runs, we've been expose to it at a young age and as we mature from the fundamental meaning of it, we see running in a completely different light. Being represented in SUKMA or running casually with the @fatrunners, was just the beginning of our story.

WeBeThirsty (WBT) is a running platform to introduce and dedicate to the people coming from all sorts of industry. We are a group of common creative minds aiming to cultivate the culture and lifestyle of running in the local scene and create a network to connect creative individuals from various industries together. We run to inspire, motivate and share ideas amongst each other. We run alongside with fashion designers, graphic illustrators, photographers, ecologist, chef, associating with a few brands such as @massesmy, @futuremade_studio, BATE and @jinnyboytv in the crew.

In the general perspective, running is dull and we intent to elevate running to another level with creative input such as fashion, art, music, graphic, and illustration. The intention of running is to have fun, and to create a sense of belonging for everyone. Through our prospect, running is an individualist competition and the challenge comes from you, against you.

The logo of WBT is the ’Air Bungkus Ikat Tepi’ (Packet Take-Away) which signifies the way Malaysian would package their drinks when you’re on the go and this has been a tradition in Malaysia for many years. It sinks in with the name WeBeThirsty because we’re constantly on the go, running in various places, and that keeps us thirsty for more miles.

The idea of running in a crew isn't about who's the best. Everyone shares an equal status when we're clocking in miles. We see the family (crew) as the primary focus and running being the secondary. If we dissect and see the communication between running and fashion, it's so relatable. We see running as a fashion walkway, and what you wear is your attitude, your characteristic and personality. 

Through running, we've met a great amount of amazing and inspiring individuals from all over the world. We exchange and expose ourselves to new cultures, and heritage to grow. Back in 2016, when we threw an After-party to commemorate the end of NIKE: We Run KL hosting our amazing guest from Singapore, and Indonesia.

The perspective of the mind and the body will always be the contemplation of the trajectory of your feet. Every stride, every step is an effort, the equilibrium to your pace and the sound of footsteps pushing towards the ground just like mantra. That's how we enjoy running. It is a therapeutic treatment for your soul, it fuels you with positivity and perseverance. What you learn from running, apply it to life, and you'll see a healthier state for your mind, and body.

Drop the @webethirsty crew a message on Instagram, if you're interested to join.

Peace & Love, B.