Torn between two elements- fashion and sports, we have infused it into a single entity that would represent OBSCR. Being passionate runners, we’ve seen how the sport is ever-evolving and inspiring the aesthetic lifestyle. Our love for running has developed into an ethos of creativity translating our thoughts into a physical component for communication. The ideation is finding a place to make sportswear become such an integral part of fashion. 
The OBSCR ABSTRACT* CAPSULE COLLECTION is heavily influenced by abstract textures which represents the terrain where your feet constantly pushes to the ground of this earth. In addition, it emphasises on the craftsmanship of mixed textile, cut & sew and the details of the garment. The perspective of the mind and the body will always be the contemplation of the trajectory of your feet. Every stride, every step is an effort, the equilibrium to your pace and the sound of footsteps pushing towards the ground just like mantra. That's how we enjoy running. It is a therapeutic treatment for the soul, it fuels you with positivity and perseverance. What you learn from running, apply it to life, and you'll see a healthier state for your mind, and body.
The collection features a Windbreaker, 3” running shorts, mens running top and womens crop top. Available on the online store…www.obscrlimited.com (4th August), and Crossover, Midvalley and Sunway Pyramid (9th August, Wednesday).