Women Empowerment Through Sandra Woo

Sandra Woo, a certified Yoga instructor, fitness professional and spin instructor is no stranger to the local athletic scene. Her curriculum vitae is abundant with well known organisations and partners, which makes her unique and desired. Through the intention of relieving her chronic back pain, she took up the practice of yoga and has soon established herself as a recognisable figure in the community. She has an inspiring and passionate persona that motivates her students to find inner peace and push the boundaries of their potential. 

We sat down with her and caught a vibe on her thoughts on a few things.

How do you define your style?

Street, boho, eclectic, sophistiratchet and yoga pants

What is women empowerment to you?

Women breaking out of self-victimising patterns, working through societal boundaries TOGETHER, lifting their communities up regardless of gender, investing energy in self-study and improvement, and ultimately doing whatever the fuck they want. Politely. 

How can women be more comfortable with their bodies?

Put in time and effort into making conscious decisions about working out, grooming, eating, speaking, and most importantly, thinking well. Understanding that self-confidence is a multi-faceted, 360-revolving cycle of self-care. Get some sun, but wear sunscreen. 

How do you balance between work and play?

I find ways to instill a lot of play and exploratory elements in my work, and in acquiring new skill sets. I play to learn, and learn to play.

How do you like your eggs? 

Soft scramble, then rolled up into a French omelette. Firm bounce on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside. Polite.