The narrative speaks of the obsession with a genre of music that has been deemed as sinister and evil through decades of generation. What are the youth to do? To destroy every stereotypical thoughts and fill the void with positiveness. Techno Waves is the interconnection between memories, feelings and euphoric sentiments that transpire a greater energy for the youth. It's a higher calling of creativeness that enables the people to rave for chaos. Sometimes nothing makes sense if you think it doesn't. Your mind is fixated to you own ideology that other facts or thoughts are unacceptable to you. Everything comes in waves, even sound, emotions and vibrations. One would feel the energy but some might not. Let what others think and feel but at the end of the day nothing matters. We're our mind go our own. This is not a lecture, this is not a sermon, this is utterly gibberish thoughts at 2:30am when everything is silent and dark. And this is out story of how sleepless and insomniac nights end up in Techno Waves.